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JEDI advocates the rights of people to a safe, healthy, sustainable environment by promoting climate change awareness and environmental protection. The world needs to shift to green and inclusive development. It starts with us, now.

Human, ecology and climate

What's the connection?

We live in a highly urbanised world today, where more than half of the world population now lives in cities and suburbs. However, our connection with nature and its ecological functions has become even more detached than ever. Scientists and conservationists have rang the caution that our planet has been so altered that ecosystems could be near a tipping point.


Urgent calls for living harmoniously with nature often went unheeded - as the rampant exploitation of the environment continues to rapidly deplete the most important assets of life-supporting functions which nature offers freely to human beings.


Everything from clean water and air, flood control and climate regulation, food, and a host of other services comes from nature. To protect nature, is to protect life.

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How To Take Action

Here are several ways you can take action today.

Children Cleaning Beach
Beach cleaning
Do it yourself

Invite your

friends &


Outdoor Movie Screening
Host a screening
Do it yourself

try virtual


Natural Ingredients
Zero waste initiatives
Do it yourself

reduce the use

of plastic

Support Us

JEDI is a non- profit NGO that consists entirely of volunteers, so every support we receive goes back into advancing the cause, such as in maintaining JEDI’s website and resources, online conference hosting expenditures, organising public events and more. You can help us do more.


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