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Our Vision

To foster public awareness on environment, ecology and climate change issues, and facilitate public participation necessary for a more democratic decision making in these areas.

Our Mission

JEDI’s mission is to raise awareness and literacy about the climate and ecological crisis; and why it matters to call upon the government, businesses and the public at large, to act now on mitigating and adapting to the crisis - as the only way to ensure a bright and just future for all of us and our children.

Our Aims

A) To increase climate crisis awareness and promote climate action on mitigation, adaptation, as well as loss and damage due to climate change

B) To prevent and reduce environmental pollution

C) To create awareness that a safe, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right

D) To promote protection and conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem, natural resources and environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs).

E) To advocate green, sustainable and inclusive development 

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of academicians, writers, designers, researchers, scientists, filmmakers, business leaders, policymakers, engineers, and the list is growing. As diverse as we are, we share the same values when it comes to the future we want. 

JEDI is an open community for those who wish to learn more about our rapidly changing future, and take meaningful actions that can make a positive difference.

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