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If you are interested in the global movement towards a better environment for the future,

If you believe that the world needs to shift to green and inclusive development, 

If you want to make a difference, but don’t know where to start...

Become a member of JEDI!

Join us

Jaringan Ekologi dan Iklim (JEDI) is a platform for those who are passionate about saving the planet, and want to contribute their time and effort to ensure a safe, healthy, and sustainable future.


JEDI was formed with the following objectives: 

  • increase climate crisis awareness and promote climate action on mitigation, adaptation, as well as loss and damage due to climate change 

  • prevent and reduce environmental pollution

  • create awareness that a safe, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right

  • promote protection and conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem, natural resources and environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs)

  • advocate green, sustainable and inclusive development 

We can make a difference. Support us. Join us today.


Admission fee: RM30
Lifetime membership: RM150

Annual membership: RM30

Criteria for membership: Malaysian, 18 years old or above, residence in Penang


Your membership benefits include JEDI members-only events, workshops, training, outings, product discounts and more. Your membership is also important in supporting JEDI’s environmental advocacy work in Malaysia.

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