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Video Conference

​Towards Zero Food Waste

With Calvin Chan
and Azlan Yaacob


Thurs, 14/5/2020 


9pm (GMT +8)


Calvin Chan 

Azlan Yaacob

Do you know that Malaysians waste about 16,688 tonnes of food per day? It's an amount that can feed around 2.2 million people, 3 times a day! Enough food is produced in the world to feed everyone properly, and then some more. Yet, 30% to %50 of all food is wasted or lost either at the production or consumption stage. How does food contribute to our carbon footprint? What is zero food waste? As individuals, what can we do to reduce or eliminate food waste? How can we influence others in our community to join us in this action? 

Speaker 1:
Calvin Chan is the Founder and Chief Environmental Officer (CEO) of Green Hero and also a social entrepreneur. Green Hero provides a platform for F&B to either donate or sell edible surplus way cheaper through the concept of happy hour dealing this helps manage edible cooked food which otherwise ends up in the landfill. The journey has led him to speak in TEDx twice and became the Champion for Malaysia Student Entrepreneur in 2019 representing Malaysia in Macau and Singapore. 

Speaker 2:
Azlan Yaacob is the Founder of Urban-AX, a community inspired accelerator and is focused in Low Carbon & Circular Economy Development. The first Urban-AX program is GreenSteps, where he initiated a Zero Waste & Urban Farm Community Model with in-situ aerobic composting as the core process.  Azlan has mentored & trained hundreds of Entrepreneurs under UNIDO, Cradle, MIGHT, MyNEF, UMCIC, MDEC and MAGIC primarily in clean-tech, biotech and IT. Among the companies he has worked for are Motorola, Accenture & Boston Technology in Europe, India and APAC with product and business development experience. 

Watch our recorded video conference here.


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