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Special Week

World Environment Day



Happy World Environment Day! In conjunction with the celebration of the World Environment Day, JEDI had organized a few programmes to focus on this year theme - BIODIVERSITY. Join us to learn more about our environment. It's time for nature.

Video Conference

Turtle. What’s their story?

Date: Thurs, 4/6/2020 

Time: 9pm (GMT +8)

JEDI Zoom Webinar, free admission

They live all over the world in almost every type of climate. In the light of World Turtle Day 2020 month, let’s learn more about the oldest and most primitive reptiles on earth, the turtle!!

Dr Sarahaizad Mohd Salleh was born in Penang. She holds a Degree in Science of  Forestry (UPM), a Master in Zoology (USM) and a PhD in Herpetology (USM). She did her Post-Doc at International Islamic University Malaysia. She had almost 10 years experience as a sea turtle researcher emphasis at the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. She studies breeding biology, nesting ecology, and reproduction of sea turtles and currently active researcher under USM-IIUM-Kyoto University.

Video Conference

Urban Biodiversity: Small steps for big cities.

Date: Fri, 5/6/2020 

Time: 9pm (GMT +8)

JEDI Zoom Webinar, free admission

What is urban biodiversity, how does it affect us and what can you do to make a difference? How do we shape liveable cities that are healthier for us and hospitable to other lifeforms?This a brief introduction to flora and fauna of our cities as well ecological concepts that influence biodiversity and the cultural significance of biodiversity to Malaysians.

Thary Gazi Goh is an ecologist and nature educator. With an interest in community ecology and beetle taxonomy, his research focuses on how groups of fungi, plants and animals form complex self-sustaining interactions. As part of the Urban Biodiversity Initiative (UBI), an independent collective of urban biodiversity research and outreach, he is now researching how novel ecosystems consisting of native and introduced organisms are created in urban landscapes as well as using these landscapes as a platform for education and outreach.

Video Conference

Ulu Muda Forum 1 

Role of Ulu Muda Forests in Climate Change Control and Provision of Ecosystem Services

Peranan Hutan Ulu Muda di dalam Pengawalan Perubahan Iklim dan Pembekalan Perkhidmatan Ekosistem

Date: Sat, 6/6/2020 
Time: 9pm (GMT +8)
JEDI Zoom Webinar, free admission

The Greater Ulu Muda Forest, comprising 160,000 hectares in Kedah State, is a carbon sink that traps a huge amount of carbon. Trees and other plants in the forest absorb carbon dioxide, reducing atmospheric concentrations of the gases driving anthropogenic climate change. The Greater Ulu Muda Forest also forms the main water catchment forest for the supply of drinking water to more than 4 million people in Kedah, Perlis and Penang. The Greater Ulu Muda Forest supports the vital industries of Kedah and Penang as well as the MUDA Irrigation Scheme, which enhances Malaysia’s food security. It supplies many ecosystem services, such as providing oxygen, medicines, pollination of crops, clean air, control of extreme weather, flood control, and biodiversity conservation. 


  • Prof Dr Chan Ngai Weng, Water Watch Penang, “Role of Ulu Muda Forests in Climate Change Control and Provision of Sustainable Water Resources”

  • Norizan binti Mohd Mazlan, WWF–Malaysia, “Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts in Kedah”

  • Surin Suksuwan, Member, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, “Payment for Ecosystem Services”

  • Meenakshi Raman, President, Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM), “Financing Mechanisms”

Video Conference

Ulu Muda Forum 2

Importance of Ulu Muda for Forest and Biodiversity Conservation, Ecotourism and Local Livelihoods

Kepentingan Ulu Muda untuk Konservasi Hutan dan Biodiversiti, Ekopelancongan dan Kehidupan Tempatan

Date: Sun, 7/6/2020 
Time: 9pm (GMT +8)
JEDI Zoom Webinar, free admission

The Greater Ulu Muda Forest in northern Peninsular Malaysia is extremely rich in biodiversity. It is the home of endangered/threatened large mammals such as the Asian elephant, Malayan sun bear, Malayan tapir, all 10 species of hornbills, the sambar deer, as well as over 320 species of birds and other flora and fauna. The Greater Ulu Muda Forest needs to be better protected in terms of forest conservation, biodiversity conservation, ecotourism and protecting local livelihoods.


  • Dr. Nadine Ruppert, Malaysian Primatological Society, “Ulu Muda – a crucial habitat for Malaysia’s endangered Agile gibbons”

  • Saha Deva A. Arunasalam, Co-Vice President, Pertubuhan Perlindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (PEKA), “Forest Conservation” 

  • Dr. Wong Ee Phin, Asst Prof, University Nottingham Malaysia, “Elephants in Ulu Muda”

  • Mohd Sobri Ramlee, Aktivis Sosial Sik, Kebergantungan antara Komuniti Tempatan dan Hutan Ulu Muda

Watch recorded webinars here

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