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Video Conference

Seagrass Guardians!

With Michael Yap


Thurs, 7/5/2020


9pm (GMT +8)


Michael Yap

Do you know that coastal seagrass can store more carbon per square kilometre than forests can? Join us this Thursday night as we speak to Michael Yap of Seagrass Guardians on the wonderful world of seagrass and its role in climate change mitigation.

Michael Yap is a marine biologist, Honorary Member of Alpha Team Organisation (ATO), and co-founder oft Seagrass Guardians, which facilitates seagrass education, monitoring and restoration. He is also a member of Project ClimatEducate which promotes education about the ocean and climate change, including the role of seagrass as blue carbon storage in mitigating climate change

Watch our recorded video conference here.


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