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Video Conference

Mangroves and Shorebirds of Teluk Air Tawar




9pm (GMT +8)


Dr Nur Munira Azman

Dr Ahmad Zafir

With Dr Nur Munira Azman
and Dr Ahmad Zafir

Did you know Mangroves play the important roles on both carbon storage (among the most carbon-rich tropical forests) and climate mitigation (help stabilize coastlines and reduce the impacts of storm waves & flooding)? With the rich biodiversity that relies on mangrove forest as their habitat, how are they inter-connected to one another and contribute to the balance of the ecosystem?

Dr Nur Munira Azman and Dr Ahmad Zafir will talk about the Mangroves and Shorebirds of Teluk Air Tawar!


Dr Nur Munira Azman

Dr Nur Munira Azman is the coordinator of the Shorebirds Peninsular Malaysia Project (SPMP), which she initiated in 2017, focusing on the monitoring of migratory shorebirds along Teluk Air Tawar–Kuala Muda (IBA).

Dr Ahmad Zafir

Ahmad Zafir is Head of  Education Research and Training at The Habitat Foundation. His experience includes conducting wildlife surveys, mitigating human-wildlife conflicts, as well as protected area management.

Watch our recorded video conference here.


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