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Video Conference

Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve:

Time to Rethink?


30/4/2020 (Thurs)


9pm (Kuala Lumpur)


Faizal Parish

Shaq Koyok

With Faizal Parish and Shaq Koyok

The Selangor state government's proposed degazettement of more than 900ha of the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR) has brought many civil society groups together to try and save this important peat swamp forest, teeming with biodiversity. It is also home to the Temuan OA community. The campaign took off just before MCO. Faizal Parish and Shaq Koyok will update us on this issue in the upcoming JEDI ZOOM session


Faizal Parish:

Global Environment Centre (GEC)

Faizal Parish is a wetland ecologist and Director of  the Malaysian-based Global Environment Centre (GEC), which supports the conservation of peatlands, forests and rivers in Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia.

Shaq Koyok:

Shaq Koyok is a contemporary artist/activist from the Temuan community of Kampung Pulau Kempas, whose artwork "captures a contemporary view of the struggle faced by Malaysia's indigenous people."

Watch our recorded video conference here.


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