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Video Conference

Environmental Forensic: Theory and Applications

With Dr Yusri Yusup, 
Dr Syahidah Akmal Muhammad
and Dr Japareng Lalung




9pm (GMT +8)


Dr Yusri Yusup,

Dr Syahidah 
Akmal Muhammad, 

Dr Japareng Lalung 

This webinar shares about the basic knowledge of environmental forensics by emphasizing the use of the relevant methods which are suitable to solve key environmental pollution questions. These methods include chemical and DNA fingerprinting techniques. In addition, multivariate statistical methods will be discussed in order to recognize patterns of data for accurate interpretation.

Environmental forensics is the application of defensible scientific methods to address questions related to release histories and sources of contamination in the environment. Environmental forensics generally involves the reconstruction of past environmental events, such as the timing, types and amounts, and sources of chemical releases to the environment.



Dr Yusri Yusup:

Associate Professor Dr Yusri Yusup is currently the deputy dean of the School of Industrial Technology Universiti Sains Malaysia. He graduated with a degree in chemical engineering and master's in chemical process technology from USM. He did his doctorate work in chemical and process engineering from UKM. His expertise includes Atmospheric Physics, Environmental Forensics, and Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. He specialises in data analysis, eddy covariance, air-land interaction, air-water interaction, and air quality modelling.


Dr Syahidah Akmal Muhammad:

Dr Syahidah Akmal Muhammad is a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia. She graduated with a Degree: BSc and MSc from USM and a PhD from Otago, New Zealand. Her expertise includes but not limited to stable isotope fingerprinting, environmental monitoring of organic contaminants and chemical fingerprinting in environmental forensics.


Dr Japareng Lalung:

Dr Japareng Lalung is currently a senior lecturer at University Sains Malaysia. He went to Universiti Malaya for a bachelor's degree in Ecology and the University of Oxford for an MSc. in Water Science, Policy and Management. He obtained his PhD in Environmental Microbiology from University of Leeds, United Kingdom. His research focuses on toxin-producing cyanobacteria. Dr Jap teaches Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Science, Environmental Management and Environmental Forensic at MSc by coursework and undergraduate level.

Watch our recorded video conference here.


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